(Bamboo & Climbing Plants)

Ivy trimmed, tamed, reduced or removed. Ivy growing into the gutters, this will need clearing before gutter clearing. Click Here for gutter clearing.

All trees pruned properly. large or small at the correct time of year, we can advise. from fruit trees pruning to large deciduous trees. Qualified Tree Surgeons - Thinning, reducing, crown lifting or tree felling. Stump grinding can also be done if required. Click Here for stump removal.

Full public liability - over 10million insurance.

From hedge trimming to hedge reduction or even removal. We can recommend at what time of year to have these jobs done.

Certain varieties are highly invasive. If you have one of these we could recommend its removal before it spreads & becomes a much larger problem.

Climbing Plants
Wysteria, clematis, russian vine, roses and many more, we can prune all these correctly at the right time of year & remove if required.

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John Barber

John Barber Pruning: A family run business, long established for over 30 years, our reputation is built on customer satisfaction, attention to detail and repeat business.


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